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Artificial turf is very easy to roll out and retains its color for many years, it does not need to be mowed or weeded. Long-fiber straws in different colors also pass the optical test and look deceptively real.

Artificial turf makes garden maintenance easier. To care for your lawn, all you have to do is remove dust and dirt with a sturdy broom every few weeks.

The Best Artificial Grass

LITA Premium Artificial Turf Grass Mat

 4,9 Rating


  • Good drainage performance.
  • Good UV properties.
  • Applicable to a variety of climate, useable in all-weather condition.
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High-quality, specially selected raw materials that had already proven themselves in practical applications. UV stability and color-fastness so that the turf did not discolor. A beautiful and well-maintained lawn, year after year. Very suitable in extreme drought, mossy, or shady environments. Children and pets love it as well.

How to Install Artificial Grass?

How To Choose Artificial Grass for Indoor & Outdoor Use?

Buyer’s guide for the artificial grass for indoor & outdoor use

This review and guide provide information on some best artificial grass for indoor & outdoor use you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of artificial grass for indoor & outdoor use on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of artificial grass for indoor & outdoor use can be priced from $22 to $56.

The Best Artificial Grass For The Money

Artificial Grass for Indoor & Outdoor Use

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the artificial grass for indoor & outdoor use we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Artificial Turf Grass Mats in Comparison

SunVilla Realistic Artificial Grass

  • Non-toxic and lead-free.
  • Excellent surface for pets and kids to play on.
  • Needs no maintenance and looks perfectly fresh and green all year round.

 4,8 Rating

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Artificial grass with high density

Constructed of the highest quality UV resistant polyethylene and polypropylene yarns. Uses a specially designed “spine” yarn design to ensure an extremely high-density, artificial grass. Dual-layer polypropylene backing sealed with a high-quality rubber waterproof coating yields outstanding dimensional stability. Laboratory tested for color degradation, durability, and fire resistance.

Kunta Garden Premium Artificial Grass

  • Super resilient.
  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Eco-friendly, Pet friendly, Child Safe, UV Protection, Fire Resistant.

 4,9 Rating

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Water-permeable artificial grass

The advantage of artificial grass over real grass is the convenience to upkeep your yard. Designed with a 4-colored pattern to offer the most realistic grass look. The yarn is double layered with anti-age weaving. Styrene-butadiene rubber latex backing with water drainage. 3/8” gauge, pile height is 1.4in, 75oz/sq yard.

AMASKY Artificial Grass Turf

  • Grass pile height: 1.37 inches.
  • UV-Resistant PE & PP.
  • Easy to be cut into any size.

 4,8 Rating

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Resistant to external influences

Artificial turf can be installed at pets playing area, yard, garden, patio, balcony, roof, swimming pool, road verges, flooring decoration, walls, doormats, etc. Artificial grass made of the highest quality polyethylene and poly polypropylene yarns, fire, and corrosion resistant, withstands rain, sun, and wear and tear.

What Are The Types Of Artificial Grass?

Artificial turf makes garden maintenance easier. Once a lawn carpet is laid, deceptively real green areas decorate your garden without the need for mowing, weeding, and loosening the lawn.

There are several types of artificial grass:

  • Artificial turf with long fibers.

The most important criterion for creating a realistic artificial turf is fiber length. A long fiber lawn from 1.2in is deceptively similar to real grass.

Stems shorter than 1.2in hold up well, but don’t look as realistic as fibers from 1.2in. Due to the extra length, the artificial fibers curl up like a real lawn. With the 1.6in length, the artificial lawn looks like it was mowed a week ago.

When buying, make sure the artificial turf is UV resistant. This ensures that the artificial turf will retain its fresh greenness and will not change color after months of intense sunlight.

Long-stemmed lawns mimic the look of real grass particularly well, but they have a drawback: if you walk on artificial turf, the stems don’t stand up again after a few hours like they do with real grass. Instead, you have to help with the broom.

  • Artificial turf made of short fibers.

Synthetic fiber lawns with a stem length of less than 1.2in are especially suitable for playgrounds, walking, and ball games such as soccer or tennis on artificial turf.

With short stems that look like a freshly mowed lawn, the descent is less noticeable. This means that your artificial turf is still easy to care for, even if it’s frequently used.

A big advantage for sports: The short stems provide more support when you run. The risk of slipping is reduced. Short stems ensure that playing children and adults do not slip as quickly as on a wet lawn with long fibers, especially when it has recently rained and the artificial turf is still wet.


What should you look for when buying artificial grass?

The days of green felt carpets in the garden, on the balcony or terrace are over. So that you can buy artificial turf today that looks like natural grass, manufacturers have made a number of design and visual improvements.

When buying should pay attention to the following:

  • Density.

Another important criterion for authenticity is the density of the lawn. Particularly high-quality artificial turf is obtained by means of the so-called taffeting. On the one hand, this guarantees a high density of synthetic fiber stems, but on the other hand, it also guarantees that there is a certain unevenness between the stems, which imitates the natural growth of the grass.

  • Fiber length.

For garden owners who choose artificial turf, for easy care and the most realistic look, we recommend long-fiber artificial turf with a stem length of 1.2in or more. Make sure that the turf is UV resistant and that it has been made by taffeting.

To make your lawn not only look real but also suitable for use as a playground and sports field, we recommend a short fiber lawn with a straw length of less than 1.2inc. This makes the lawn easier to care for with frequent use and provides a particularly good grip, especially with the use of suitable sports shoes.

  • Water permeability.

Like natural turf, artificial turf must allow rainwater and snow to seep into the ground so that mold or large rain puddles don’t form on the lawn. Most manufacturers equip their outdoor yard products with latex liners instead of cones, which ensures that water can run off quickly and the stems won’t be damaged by standing water.

We recommend that you buy a water-permeable synthetic lawn that can absorb the least 16US gal lqd of water per square foot per minute. This ensures that even during heavy rainfall, no serious damage will occur.

  • Color and anti-glare coating.

Artificial turf in several colors and an anti-glare coating provide a natural look.
For artificial turf to look real, the stems need to be of different colors. High-quality artificial turf is made from fibers of up to four different colors. This mimics the slight discoloration of natural lawns as a result of sunlight.

Another criterion for a natural-looking lawn is an anti-reflective coating. This ensures that the plastic does not reflect sunlight or glow. This avoids the impression of artificiality.

  • Warranty.

Also, pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty on artificial turf. Quality, firmly woven synthetic turf should retain its lush greenery for at least 10-15 years. Therefore, many manufacturers supply their products with a guarantee of at least ten years.

Artificial Grass Price:


Under $50

  • LITA Premium Artificial Turf Grass Mat
  • SunVilla Realistic Artificial Grass
  • Kunta Garden Premium Artificial Grass

Under $100

  • AMASKY Artificial Grass Turf


Natural grass needs a lot of attention to keep its lush green color. Artificial grass requires no such maintenance, you don’t have to mow or weed the artificial turf, and it’s very convenient.

When choosing, you can choose between long fiber artificial turf, which is suitable for decorative purposes because of its deceptively realistic appearance, and artificial turf with a fiber length of less than 1.2in. It is particularly anti-slip and is well suited for lawn sports.

UV-resistant artificial turf prevents the fibers from changing color for a long time. The artificial turf of high quality lasts up to 15 years and will delight you with its green, ennobled appearance.

FAQs- Artificial Grass for Indoor & Outdoor Use

✅ How do I install artificial grass for indoor and outdoor use?

Installation takes place in two steps. In addition to a shovel, rake, and broom, you will need fresh paving sand and possibly quartz sand.
When paving, proceed as follows:

  • Preparation.

Remove the grass from the area to be paved and level out uneven ground. Create a layer of paving sand, which is laid in layers of 2.0inc to 3.9inc. Wet the sand layer with a garden hose and then smooth out the sand.

  • Laying.

Now roll out the liner or stabilizing fabric on a smooth surface and attach it to the corners with artificial turf anchors. Roll out the artificial turf and smooth out the creases. Attach the adhesive tape provided to the underside and press the artificial turf down. Trim off the protruding edges and remove all dirt.

Additional maintenance measure is to spread bulk sand on the laid artificial turf. This makes the lawn heavier and is a useful extra option if the artificial turf is used for sports.

✅ How long can artificial turf last?

The average longevity of artificial turf is between 10 and 15 years. The most important criteria here are UV resistance, which prevents rapid discoloration, the density of the fibers, and careful maintenance. This mainly refers to regular brushing of the artificial turf, which not only removes dirt but also raises the troweled stems again.

Another measure to extend shelf life is to sprinkle quartz sand. It is scattered over the artificial turf and applied with a brush to the fibers. The sand helps to straighten the fibers and loads the lawn carpet so that even heavy loads do not make it move. Thus, the benefits of bedding are greater stability and sustainability of the artificial turf.

✅ Which artificial turf is best for sports turf up to 108ft²?

For sports, we generally recommend a lawn with short fibers that has fewer use marks than a lawn with long fibers and a stem length of 1.2in or more. With a relatively small area, it is also worth sprinkling with silica sand. Make sure there is a high water permeability of at least 16US gal lqd per square foot per minute so that the lawn can be used again quickly even after heavy rain.

✅ What kind of artificial grass is suitable for a playground?

For use as a playground, we recommend short fiber artificial grass with a length of less than 1.2in. This will make the lawn much easier to care for in the future when actively used and will provide good traction for children’s shoes.

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