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Choosing table saw

For inexperienced DIY, the wide range of different saws makes it difficult to choose. Having your own table saw opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

This allows you to cut a wide variety of workpieces precisely and conveniently. Power and so-called idle speed are among the most important aspects you should pay attention to when choosing.

Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page, that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a table saw.

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Why are table saws a practical tool for many projects?

A saw can not be missing in a well-equipped workshop. At the same time, today it is possible to obtain a high-quality circular saw for wood, even for private use. The table circular saws are mostly equipped with a frame. This allows a comfortable working height of 80 cm or more. The classic circular table saw test winner allows you to adjust the height of the frame individually.

The saw blade is recessed into the saw table. On the side, there is an adjustable guide rail. The saw blade diameter can vary. Many models have a diameter of 250 mm on delivery. Other machines are equipped with a saw blade of up to 350 mm. Professional machines are offered by all well-known brands and manufacturers. A professional machine has both advantages and disadvantages to offer:

Advantages Disadvantages
High cutting depth High cost
Large saw blade Large dimensions
Comprehensive equipment High power consumption
Height adjustable
Miter cut

Generally, circular table saws are distinguished according to type and application. Circular table saws are mainly used in the field of wood processing.

What to look for when choosing a table saw

We would like to give you the most important 5 tips along the way to make a solid device discoverable. So what criteria are really important, now explain the following five table saw choosing tips.


The most important thing about a table saw is the power (watts). It determines the idle speed – how many revolutions the saw blade achieves per minute. The more power (watts) a machine has, the more precise and better the cut quality. If it is too low, it can lead to unclean cut edges and workpiece damage with harder materials.

We, therefore, recommend a saw with a power of 1,400 watts or more. The general rule is: “More power = more fun!”


You should pay just as much attention to the cutting height. The material to be processed can only be cut correctly if the cutting height of the saw blade also corresponds to the height of the material. The higher, the better!

For normal use, cutting heights of 75 mm are sufficient.


Another important criterion is the size of the saw table. If you want to cut larger and heavier workpieces, you must make sure that the table surface is large enough.

We recommend a large saw table from approx. 500 x 500 mm for more safety, overview, and better guidance!

The large saw table offers you a safe cut and a generous surface for all kinds of sawing work. Some circular table saws can even be enlarged so that you have even more working space. In addition, the table or the frame of some circular saws is even height-adjustable. So you can adjust it to your size. Your back and joints will thank you.


A connection for dust extraction. So if dust-free working is important to you, you should attach importance to a connection for an external dust extraction system when selecting a circular saw. Who finds in any way frequent contact with the table saw, should also consider a dust extraction use in terms of health.


The rip fence and angle fence are among the most important accessories for circular table saws and should always be included in the scope of delivery. With the help of a rip fence, you can quickly cut larger sheets of wood into smaller slats without having to measure and mark each time. The angle fence, on the other hand, allows many variable angle cuts that are available on a machine (usually 45°-90°). Here it is important to pay attention to somewhat more expensive models because with cheaper often, due to the mounting method, the stops have played, and you thus lose accuracy and precision.

For accurate, precise cuts, a model that is not too cheap should be selected. The parallel and angle fence should also be included in the scope of delivery.

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Areas of application – table saw in use

Perhaps you want to create a new wooden carport or patio roofing. In this case, the squared timber can be sawn to the exact length with a table circular saw. Likewise, a table saw is very suitable for sawing firewood. But this stationary electric saw can also be used for ceiling and wall battening, as well as for sawing laminate and parquet.

In the construction industry, of course, a circular saw table can not be missing. With it, any kind of construction timber can be brought to the right length. But also in the carpentry shop you can reliably shorten wooden boards and beams with a table circular saw.

Precautionary measures

The experts advise five basic safety rules, which are valid not only for the circular saw for wood but for any table saw:

  • always use a riving knife
  • choose a good guide
  • stop at 45° for narrow cuts
  • freedom for cut-offs
  • there is never too much freedom

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