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Repair playground rubber flooring

Very often, after a couple of years of use seamless surface, especially in places of heavy load, the rubber surface is in disrepair, and you need to “hole” repair the playground.

How to patch the wear layer in your playground rubber flooring

Rubber floor coatings with rubber granules on small surfaces are used wherever slip resistance, sound insulation, elasticity and fall protection and the design of individual aesthetically demanding surfaces without steps and trip hazards are required.

Use and Durability

Rubber covers are durable, have high strength, do not wear out with heavy loads, frost and moisture resistant, can be used at any time of year, excellent shock absorption when walking, reducing the load on the joints, do not require special maintenance. But there are cases of improper use, due to which there are damages in the form of torn edges or even torn-off parts of the coating. What to do in such cases? Change the whole thing? No. After all, another advantage of the rubber crumb is its maintainability. In such cases, it is enough to simply repair the damaged area.

The main causes of poor quality coating is a violation of the technology of laying rubber crumb, improper operation, and improper maintenance of the rubber coating. As a rule, such repairs are expensive.
But is it possible to make repairs to the playground rubber crumb coating yourself? Yes, it is possible. The main thing is to find the right rubber crumb and appropriate quality polyurethane adhesive. Please note that the quality of the future rubber layer depends largely on the polymer binder adhesive.

Work procedure for repairing rubber seamless pavement

For work, you will need a rubber crumb, polyurethane adhesive, dye, a container for mixing the adhesive with crumb and dye, a construction punch with a nozzle, scales for weighing components, roller, trowel, and rule. The first thing to do is to isolate the problem areas and prepare the work surface for repair. Make a clear-cut and remove the old worn coating. Clean the work area and, if necessary, level the surface. The substrate must be hard, dry, and without cracks. Next, dilute part of the polymer adhesive with turpentine in the ratio of 1:1 to prime the base. Cover the work surface with fresh primer and wait for it to dry completely. Consumption of the mixture is 250-300 grams per square meter. The treated surface will improve the adhesion of the jointless coating with the base. The composition of the rubber mixture at the rate of 1 sq.m. at a coating thickness of 10 mm:

  • Crumb rubber (fraction of 3 mm) – 7 kg;
  • Dye (green) – 0.3 kg;
  • glue polyurethane – 1.5 kg.

Note that the proportions of components may vary depending on the specific requirements of the coating.

The covering is cut off at a distance of 15-20 cm from the damaged place. The cut area may have any shape flower circle or something else – the cut edges should be strictly perpendicular to the base. After that, the surface is cleaned from dust and dirt and primed and re-applied a mixture of crumb polyurethane binder and pigmented dye. And after 24 hours the surface is ready for use.
If the playground is made of rubber tiles, it is enough to replace the damaged tiles without dismantling the entire base.

Tools for repair

Playsafer Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

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RevTime Easy DIY Rubber Tiles

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L R Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

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Why is it important to carry out repairs in time?

Although sites with seamless pavement and durable, it is still worth at the beginning and end of the season of summer and winter to conduct a thorough inspection to identify visible and hidden damage. After all, when the damage is a small area it is easier and cheaper to repair than when small delamination is not noticed in time will lead to damage to half of the coating and then the repair cost will be higher at times. And the repair time will also increase. To maintain the object in proper quality it is worth conducting timely inspections for damage, as well as once a season to wash it with a detergent. In time to remove organic debris in the form of leaves and sand, and then the service life will be many times longer.

How to Repair the Layer of the Playground Rubber Flooring

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