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There are pliers for gripping, holding, and deforming, for cutting and separating, for several tasks at the same time, or they perform very specific tasks. And all pliers have different names – water pump pliers, combination pliers, pinch pliers, grip pliers, side cutters, and many more.

When it comes to securing cables, pliers are best. Also, in terms of setting the fasteners and holding them in place, safety wire pliers are best.

How to choose safety wire pliers

If you are an aeronautical engineer, auto mechanic, or car racer, you may be familiar with the different types of pliers as well as safety wire cutters. Safety wire pliers are a very useful tool that shows up in high-stakes jobs and help you install fasteners without them loosening or falling out of their holders.

They help to quickly and firmly connect the test wire and fix the bolts. This pretty cool gadget is mainly used in aviation. Safety wire pliers are also used in auto racing. The safety wire pliers are utilized to twist the ends of the safety wire for other purposes. Be that as it may, the best safety wire pliers are not only used for safety wirework, but also for various purposes in your garage, workshop, or home.

You can use it to secure screw connections with a twisted wire in no time. Provided that the connection is drilled through. Such connections can occur on brakes and the engine. Also, on oil drain plugs, oil filler plugs, and other vibration-prone components. Especially recommended for use on sports and other vehicles subject to strong vibrations and shocks.

Use safety wire pliers in everyday life

However, the use of safety wire pliers is not limited to holding a clasp and securing the wire in aviation. There are diagonal head pliers. They are used primarily for holding wires and cutting them. Their V-shaped internal threads allow you to cut wire regardless of its type. This includes copper, aluminum, and steel wire.
Electricians most often use tapered or pointed wire. This is also used to hold and cut wire. However, as the name implies, it has a long pointed nose. This can be used to get into confined spaces and pull things out-usually wires.

Safety wire pliers - The Best Choice

BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers

 4,9 Rating

BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers


  • Heavy-duty spring.
  • Quick twist helix.
  • For forged steel.
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Absolutely essential for every racer or mechanics toolbox. Forged steel pliers, shot peened, and ground clamping surfaces. Heavy-duty spring and chromed retainer slide. Superior clamping force, for a one-time setup and no wire slippage.

How to use a safety wire twister – Video

Important aspects when buying safety wire pliers

Buyer’s guide for the safety wire pliers

This review and guide provide information on the best safety wire pliers you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of safety wire pliers on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of safety wire pliers can be priced from $30 to $100.

Safety wire pliers for the money

safety wire pliers test

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the safety wire pliers we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Safety wire pliers in comparison

 Milbar Wire Twister Pliers

Imperial Tool Milbar 41W Reversible Wire Twister Plier
  • Automatic spring return.
  • Patented quick-acting reversing sleeve.
  • Made from high carbon alloy steel.

 4,8 Rating

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Designed for the professional mechanic

Milbar forgings are made from high carbon alloy steel and are controlled throughout the manufacturing process to exacting engineering specifications. The Spring Return feature automatically retracts the twist rod to ease and speed the work. Finally, Milbar Wire Twisters can produce right-hand twists (clockwise action), left-hand twists, or both (reversible action).

OTC Safety Wire Twist Pliers

OTC 4795 Safety Wire Twist Pliers
  • Forged alloy steel construction.
  • Automatic spring return.
  • Right-hand twist mechanism features.

 4,9 Rating

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Versatile 8-inch Safety Wire Twist Pliers

Reliably twist safety wire rapidly and consistently. The forged alloy steel construction features tapered jaws for confined areas and mated cutters to cut safety wire. For use on safety wire applications found on vehicles, machinery, and aircraft.

SK Automatic Return Reversible Wire Twister Pliers

SK 7716 6-Inch Automatic Return Reversible Wire Twister Plier
  • Automatic return.
  • 6-Inch.
  • Conform to the highest standards.

 4,8 Rating

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A must for a technician

With the quality you expect from SK, our safety wire twisting pliers provide the technician results that conform to the highest standards, including aerospace applications. These products are used in aviation, racing, industrial, and military applications where vibration is found, and loose fasteners may result in a catastrophic consequence.

Buying advice for safety wire pliers

What to look for when choosing:

  • Long pliers
  • Material
  • Reversible action
  • Spring return
  • Sleeve
  • Throat
  • Form of jaws

How to use safety wire pliers:

-It allows for secure wiring (lock wiring) of fasteners was needed quickly and consistently saving you time on the job.
-To use, just grasp the wire with pliers and lock, pull the handle end and bring it all possible many numbers of turns needed.

Spring-loaded return. It is a versatile tool to help you do reliable safe wiring (lock wiring) quickly and consistently.

best safety wire pliers review

Safety wire pliers Price:

Under $50

  • OTC Safety Wire Twist Pliers
  • BikeMaster Safety Wire Pliers

Under $100

  • Milbar Reversible Wire Twister Plier

Under $200

  • SK Wire Twister Plier

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